Gift voucher


At the twenty 04 Surf Café in El Médano we offer a Gift Voucher for the most undecided. Add the value you want to the Check and use it as you want; for a breakfast, a dinner, a few cocktails … whatever you want! Whether it is for you to enjoy it with someone else or to give it to someone, it is a gift that everyone will love.


✅ For as many people as you want.

✅ You set the value you want to put on the check.

✅ To enjoy a free breakfast, asking for what you want. 🍩🍪🍞🥐☕

✅ To enjoy lunch or dinner. 🍔

✅ To enjoy delicious cocktails.

✅ To enjoy everything at once. 🍎🍒🍓🥞🧀🥝🥐☕🍹🍔🍸🍩🍪🍞🍗🍏

Choose the amount of the Gift Certificate and tell us who it is for

After choosing the amount you want to add to the gift voucher, a mini form will appear where you must put:

1. The name of the person you are giving it to (recipient),

2. Your email

3. A dedication.

And ready! After completing the payment, the recipient you have indicated will receive your gift by

500 characters remaining
Quantity: 1
1 to each recipient